As part of its continuous commitment to enhancing the concepts of effective communication, Riyadh Cement highlighted the importance of public relations on its World Day, July 16, as an inseparable part of the company’s strategy. It is considered one of the active departments in building trust and managing reputation, effectively contributing to the achievement of the company’s strategic goals, and it is a fundamental pillar for strategic communication with the public and partners.” Riyadh Cement Company emphasizes the role of public relations as a vital component of their strategy, underscoring its effectiveness in trust-building and reputation management, which aligns with their strategic objectives and is crucial for engagement with their audience and stakeholders.
His Excellency, the board member and CEO of Riyadh Cement, shoeil bin Jarallah Al-Ayed, met with a delegation from Sinoma Cement Co., Ltd., including the esteemed President Mr. Rong Yakun and several department managers from both Riyadh Cement and Sinoma, to discuss ways to enhance cooperation and joint coordination and to explore investment opportunities in the cement industry and system development.
In its commitment to innovation and excellence, Riyadh Cement Company participated in the 24th edition of the Saudi Manufacturing Exhibition, where it highlighted the vital role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in driving innovation and sustainability within the manufacturing sector. During the exhibition, the Director of Excellence and Business Development presented in a panel discussion titled ‘Industrial Transformation and Machine Learning’ how the company contributes to creating a sustainable and innovative industrial transformation through the applications of artificial intelligence. This strategic direction sheds light on the importance of big data and advanced technologies in improving efficiency and productivity in the cement sector. With expectations that the big data and artificial intelligence market in Saudi Arabia will grow to USD 2.19 billion by the end of the year. The company’s participation in the exhibition demonstrates its commitment to technological development and its aspiration to lead in the field of smart solutions, efficiently meeting future market requirements.
On World Environment Day, Riyadh Cement highlighted its project to convert the latent smoke within factories into electricity, with an investment of SAR 156,000,000 as part of its contribution to protecting the environment and enhancing the green economy. This project is an important step towards achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals in the field of renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions. It is noted that this year’s World Environment Day was held under the slogan ‘Our Earth, Our Future,’ and it represents a real opportunity for all sectors to demonstrate their commitment to preserving planet Earth.
In line with the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve the Vision, Riyadh hosted the Global Forum on Project Management, which lasted for two consecutive days. Under the theme ‘Realizing the Dream: Leadership, Empowerment, Sustainability,’ the forum brought together experts from around the world to discuss challenges and opportunities in project management. Riyadh Cement Company’s participation in this forum is a testament to its leadership and excellence in the cement sector and its continuous contribution to driving national development. The forum was distinguished by addressing vital topics such as innovation in project management, environmental sustainability, and digital transformation, emphasizing the importance of these elements in supporting sustainable development. The forum highlighted various developmental projects that are an integral part of achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision and showcased the Kingdom’s leading role in project management on a global level. Participants expressed their appreciation for the high level of organization and the rich content presented during the forum, affirming the importance of continuing such events for the exchange of expertise and knowledge.
The esteemed member of the board of directors and CEO, Mr. Shua’il bin Jarallah Al-Ayed, inaugurated the ‘Guest Villa,’ distinguished by its modern design and luxurious furniture, in the presence of the company’s factory manager and department directors. The villa is located in the company’s residential complex in Al Muzahimiyah Governorate. His Excellency toured all the facilities of the villa and the services provided, which make the stay special for all visitors from inside and outside the company, and expressed his admiration for the quality of execution and the noticeable progress in the work’s completion. It is worth mentioning that the villa’s prime location, suitable prices, modern construction technologies, and services offered within its vicinity have made it the center of attention for the company’s employees, where all available villas and apartments have been booked, reflecting a positive direction towards developing the complex and providing a suitable residential environment for all users.
On a night filled with loyalty and appreciation, the halls of Riyadh Cement Club in Al Muzahimiyah were adorned with joy and pride as Riyadh Cement Company held its annual celebration. The event was graced by the presence of the Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, Engineer Shua’il bin Jarallah Al-Ayed, where distinguished staff members were honored. This was part of an entertaining program that included performances reflecting the achievements of the year and aspirations for the future. At the end of the event, the company reaffirmed its commitment to ongoing generosity and the pursuit of a new year filled with growth and innovation, with the determination to reach new horizons of success
In a significant step towards keeping pace with global technological advancements, His Excellency Eng. Shoeil J. Al-Ayed board member and CEO of Riyadh Cement Company, participated in a specialized seminar titled “The Importance of Digital Transformation in the Cement Industry and the Future of Saudi Industry.” The seminar, organized by ABB, addressed the vital role that digital transformation plays in enhancing operational efficiency and competitiveness in national industries. This participation is part of Riyadh Cement Company’s commitment to achieving digital transformation according to the best international standards, in line with its ambitious strategy for development and innovation. The seminar witnessed a wide turnout from interested parties and specialists in the sector, highlighting the opportunities and challenges facing the cement industry amid rapid digital transformations. Riyadh Cement Company is among the pioneers in adopting modern technologies to improve its operations and provide high-quality products that meet market expectations and customer aspirations.
The annual general assembly convened its regular meeting on Tuesday, 14 Shawwal 1445 AH, corresponding to April 23, 2024 . The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Salah bin Rashid Al-Rashid, and other board members. The session commenced with a welcoming address by the Chairman of the Board, expressing gratitude and appreciation to all company shareholders and board members. Subsequently, the assembly reviewed the agenda items and conducted voting by the shareholders. The meeting concluded promptly at 8:30 PM.
Riyadh Cement participated on the 18th of April in the International Day for Monuments , in line with the Kingdom’s vision to revive heritage and enhance awareness towards it. The international community annually celebrates the events of the World Heritage Day, sponsored by UNESCO and the World Heritage Organization, and is held in accordance with the convention adopted by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Paris in 1972, with the aim of protecting heritage sites from tampering and destruction. This participation stems from Riyadh Cement’s commitment to keeping pace with the global celebration of Heritage Day and enhancing interest in monuments and striving for their revival
The Board of Directors of Riyadh Cement is pleased to invite shareholders to participate in and vote during the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting (First Meeting). The meeting is scheduled to take place through modern technology means. For further details, please refer to the announcement on the Tadawul website via the attached link:
His Excellency, the Chairman and CEO, Engineer shoeil bin Jarallah Al-Ayed, exchanged greetings and congratulations with all the company’s staff during the annual Eid celebration yesterday morning at the company’s headquarters. The event was attended by department directors and all employees, creating a joyful atmosphere that reflects the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation. He extended his sincerest congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, may Allah protect them, on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. May Allah bless us and the entire Arab and Islamic nation with goodness, prosperity, and blessings.
Dear colleagues and sisters at Riyadh Cement, Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you, And every year, you are well, It is my pleasure to congratulate you and your families as we together celebrate the blessed Eid al-Fitr, may Allah return it to us all with goodness, Yemen, and blessings, and may Allah continue to bestow upon us the blessings of security, safety, and stability under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, may Allah protect them. Asking the Almighty, the Most High, to accept from us and from you the righteous deeds. Again, I extend to you the warmest congratulations on these blessed days, and every year, you are well. Shoeil bin Jarallah Al-Ayed Board Member, Chief Executive Officer
Based on the objectives of effective partnership between the private sector and the non-profit sector, Riyadh Cement Company delivered the surplus of furniture and electrical appliances belonging to the company’s staff housing to the A’amal for Family Development Association “Maysor” yesterday morning, Monday, 22 Ramadan, according to the agreement signed between the two parties on Sunday, 29 Sha’ban. This step is an extension of the company’s belief in its social responsibilities and its continuous support for initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for families within the surrounding community. It is noted that the furniture and appliances will be rehabilitated by the association and distributed to deserving families, reflecting the spirit of giving and contributing to sustainable development. It is worth mentioning that the “Maysor” initiative works to provide furniture and electrical appliances to needy families through its cooperation with companies and institutions willing to donate their surplus properties, contributing to social solidarity and supporting needy families in the Kingdom
At Riyadh Cement, we contribute to creating a more advanced and prosperous community environment
Signing a partnership agreement between Riyadh Cement and Imam Saud University (College of Engineering) for cooperation in applied academic and research fields. The agreement was signed by Dr. Adel Al-Fouzan, the Dean of College, on behalf of HE the President of the University, and Eng. Shoeil Jarallah Al Ayed, the Board Member and CEO of Riyadh Cement.
In line with the directives of the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince, Riyadh Cement, in partnership with the National Center for vegetation cover development and combating desertification, is launching an initiative to plant 3,000 seedlings in all its plants in Al-Muzahimiyah.