Human Resources


In line with the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision, we would continue to be committed to our responsibility in improving national competencies to support nationalizing jobs in all sectors. The strategy of “nationalization and gradual replacement” is a major component of our way forward.

Despite the challenges of nationalizing jobs in the cement sector, we are proud to successfully attract and retain Saudi employees with an integrated training and development program

 Work Environment 

The work environment is fundamental to making Riyadh Cement Company an employer of choice. From the positive working environment to administrative relationships and human values, we ensure the utmost fairness, credibility, respect, integrity, and communication.

Riyadh Cement Company adopted several initiatives to be a lively and competitive environment capable of attracting and retaining highly qualified employees.

An integral part of our policies is to provide people with special needs exceptional attention, providing them with jobs suitable to their abilities and supporting them to successfully deliver on their tasks and responsibilities.

 Training and Qualification 

Riyadh Cement Company is responsible for the continuous development and growth of their employees to have qualified nationals paving the future in the cement sector. In 2022, we launched “Himma”: the first cooperative diploma in the cement industry across the Kingdom. Spanning two years, the program’s certification ensures employment and aims to bolster the number of Saudi engineers by more than 50% and Saudi technicians to over 30%. The pilot includes 115 young engineers and technicians to be replaced in the company’s plants.

Objectives and benefits of the “Himmah” program:

1- Personal and professional development of the trainee in the cement industry.

2- Gaining quality experiences to keep pace with the industrial development taking place in the Kingdom.

3- Developing professional relationships.

4- A monthly bonus for the trainee.

5- An approved technical certificate in the cement industry.

6- Training ends with employment.