Company Plants

Riyadh Cement Company has a plant for grey cement and another for white cement, containing (3) highly efficient cement production lines. All the plants operate with the latest equipment and artificial intelligence technologies. They are strategically located in Al-Muzahmiyya Governorate, northwest of the city of Riyadh, which is rich in raw materials of limestone characterized by their high quality and purity.

 Grey Cement Plant 

Grey Cement Plant :

The plant contains two production lines with a design capacity of (3.4) million tons of grey clinker annually.

First production line:

This is a dual-process line for the production of grey and white clinker of various types. Commercial production began in 2007, with a design capacity of 1.7 million tons of grey clinker annually. In 2019, it was developed to produce white clinker with a design capacity of 660,000 tons of white clinker annually.

Second production line:

The second production line is dedicated to the production of grey clinker. Commercial production began in 2010, with a design capacity of 1.7 million tons of grey clinker annually.

The grey Cement plant produces 3 types of cement:

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC): used to prepare reinforced concrete, manufacture prefabricated concrete pipes, and used to make blocks.

Sulfate Resisting Portland Cement (SRC): used in the construction of underground bases, coastal facilities, and building dams and bridges.

Portland Limestone Finishing Cement (FC): used in plastering, masonry works, and screeding (floor lining before tiling).

 White Cement Plant 

Our White Cement plant is the first of its kind in the Kingdom to produce white cement. Established in 1997, it has a production capacity of (320,000) tons of white clinker annually.

With this line and Line No. (1), the company can produce approximately one million tons of white clinker annually.

The White Cement Plant produces two types of cement:

1- White Portland cement type I (CEM I 52.5N): used in decorative works, grouts, colored concrete, tiles, interlock bricks, artificial stone, and glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC).

2- White Portland cement (limestone) type II (CEM II 42.5N): used in grouting and fillings for marble installation and colored plastering, as well as profile painting for external facades.