The essence of our business is sustainability, both in operational development and our environmental impact. A sustainable operation allows for premium quality, and competitive value for customers, communities, and the business.
Our Strategic Pillars:
– Operation: optimize productivity levels.
– Nationalization: elevating national competencies. Especially engineers and technicians.
– Digital Transformation: Adopting the latest digital technologies and automating processes.
– Environment: preserving the environment and minimizing emissions.


 Environment Considerations 

Cement is an important component in the urban development of cities. However, it is more important for complying with environmental standards to minimize and mitigate the environmental harm the industry could cause.

Therefore, Riyadh Cement Company, according to its environmental strategy, complies with and abides by all local and international standards in its factories, along with numerous initiatives to preserve the environment, which enabled it to obtain an environmental safety certificate.


 Our ways to protect the environment:
– Using the latest technology in our plants.
– Using eco-friendly materials.
– Applying the highest environmental protection standards.
– Reducing harmful emissions from production lines.
– Adopting numerous initiatives to preserve the environment in accordance with the Kingdom’s vision to reach zero carbon emissions.

 Occupational Health and Safety 

We take the health and safety of our employees very seriously, with robust policies and procedures to ensure a safe working environment at every step of our production processes. Our policies comply with local and international standards such as the International Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Riyadh Cement Company has all the necessary permits from concerned authorities to safely operate its plants.


 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social Responsibility

Riyadh Cement Company is a responsible and caring neighbor to all stakeholders that it impacts directly and indirectly.  We aim to always go beyond our business operations to have a positive impact on the local community and our surrounding environment.

Relevant CSR areas and activities:
-Support knowledge and culture:
– Practical training programs for students of different universities and colleges.
– Site visits for university and college students to the company’s factories.
– Collaborative programs with government agencies in Al-Muzahimiyah Governorate to deliver vocational training and social participation.


-Health promotion:
– Participate in public health awareness campaigns.
– Conduct blood donation campaigns.
-Charity work:
Motivate our employees to participate in volunteer activities.
Irtiqa Association Partnership
We partnered with Irtiqa Association to donate our old computers to charity organizations and those in need.