White Portland Cement CEM II 42.5N

 White Portland Cement CEM II 42.5N  



Grouting, Colored Concrete, Exterior Profile Paints, Marble Mortar.



SASO – GSO 1914/2009 BS EN 197-1:2011-CEM II/A-LL  42.5N



White Portland cement CEM I 52.5N: The most common white cement type, which is used in most construction projects where white cement is required. Our white Portland cement conforms to SASO-GSO 1914/2009 & SASO 855-1994, ASTM C-150-2012(Type I) & BS EN 197-1:2011 CEM I 52.5N. Special features of our White Cement are its strength, high whiteness, steady color, and better workability.