Finishing Cement (Portland Limestone Cement)

 Finishing Cement (Portland Limestone Cement) 




Plastering, Finishing Works, Screeding Before Tiling, Mortar


 ASTM C91-2005 & ASTM C1157-2010

BS EN 197-1:2011-CEM II/B-LL 42.5N 



Our Finishing Cement (CEM II/A-LL 42.5N) is eco-friendly finishing cement, primarily for all types of finishing jobs and all applications where high-strength cement is not required, such as Plastering, Masonry  Works, Screeding before tiling, and Mortar. Due to additives of performance enhancers, our Finishing Cement has a wide particle size distribution, resulting in low demand for water which not only intensifies the structure of the hardened cement paste but also gives a very fine finish to the plaster. Such a plaster is not only painted in a more beautiful way but also consumes less quantity of Paints per square meter. It is usually the first choice for all masonry work. Our Finishing Cement conforms to ASTM C 91-2005 & ASTM C 1157-2010 and BS EN 197-1:2011-CEM II/B-LL 42.5N. Special features of our FC: Low heat of hydration, Better workability, and Setting time.