Company Overview

Riyadh Cement was founded in 1997


as one of the largest Cement companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Over the years, it has earned a reputation for manufacturing Grey and White cement.
Since its inception, Riyadh Cement established robust pillars and values to mark its existential identity in the cement industry. Its focus on continuous growth and development is based on sustainability and quality, exceeding customer expectations and always delivering distinguished premium quality products to meet urban and infrastructure project needs. This commitment allowed Riyadh Cement to be one of the best cement companies locally and regionally.
Sustainable development entails qualitative programs and initiatives that particularly cater to national talent. From commitments to native hire to up-scaling national capabilities and elaborate training and qualification programs, Riyadh Cement is committed to marking its journey of growth as a success for Saudi Arabia.
An integral factor of Riyadh Cement’s social responsibility is its strategic partnership with the public and private sectors to design and deliver diverse community service programs.