The inauguration and opening ceremony of the guest villa located in the residential complex of Riyadh Cement Company in Al Muzahimiyah Governorate
The esteemed member of the board of directors and CEO, Mr. Shua’il bin Jarallah Al-Ayed, inaugurated the ‘Guest Villa,’ distinguished by its modern design and luxurious furniture, in the presence of the company’s factory manager and department directors. The villa is located in the company’s residential complex in Al Muzahimiyah Governorate. His Excellency toured all the facilities of the villa and the services provided, which make the stay special for all visitors from inside and outside the company, and expressed his admiration for the quality of execution and the noticeable progress in the work’s completion. It is worth mentioning that the villa’s prime location, suitable prices, modern construction technologies, and services offered within its vicinity have made it the center of attention for the company’s employees, where all available villas and apartments have been booked, reflecting a positive direction towards developing the complex and providing a suitable residential environment for all users.